From:                                                       Kelvin Sung

Posted At:                                               Friday, February 27, 2009 7:05 PM

Conversation:                                        2009.2.26.Meeting

Posted To:                                              2.MeetingMinutes


Subject:                                                   2009.3.25.Meeting


On March 25th, Cinnamon, David, Robin, Mike, and Kelvin met to discuss action items from our previous meeting:



1.       Testing of recording at CCC-231. Robin, Mike, and Kelvin verified recording should work. We found that a microphone is required to facilitate the synchronization between Debut and Web-cam recordings. Our original thought is to load microphones from the library media center. Kelvin found out today that the involved procedure is too complicated (each person can only check out one microphone, we were told to bring “our friends” there to check out more).  Kelvin will try to resolve this.


2.       Pre/Post course Survey: in moving forward with our new survey form, we need to establish a pathway such that previous results can continue to be use as control study. The group’s decision is to create a super set of questions (merging previous questions with the new ones) for this round of collection. In the next round, we will streamline the survey to the latest questions only. David: Kelvin has sent David the old questions, David will merge the questions and create catalyst web-survey for next Wednesday.


3.       Post-Class exercise survey: it is interesting that we are using new Game-Themed materials but we don’t have any direct instruments actually asking students what they think of the materials. This is a problem that we should correct. One idea is to include an feedback survey at the end of the game-themed exercise where students will fill out and submit with their exercise. This “end of exercise questionnaire” should not take more than 5 minutes to fill out, so we should not ask too many questions.  We should ask 4 or 5 questions along the lines:

a.       The writing: clear and well organized

b.      The content: helpful and reinforce concepts

c.       Results from working on the exercise: feel better understand the topic

d.      Game-Themed nature of the exercise: fun and engaging

e.       General comments:

What are people’s opinion to include the above 4 questions at the end of each exercise, students will give a 5-point-scale-grade for each question and may be fill out comments if they have any.