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Subject:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 2009.3.25: Study details


Here are the details for our Spring study:


Problems and needs:

††††††††††††† 1.c.iv: Kelvin needs to resolve microphone situation

††††††††††††† 1.d: Mike needs to write a step-by-step guide for students

††††††††††††† 4.b: we need to come up with a questionnaire for post-exercise

††††††††††††† 7.e: we need to figure out who should be at the post-course survey.



1.       Spring quarter classroom assessment setup:

a.       Screen capture: Debut ( recording directly to hard drive.

b.      Separate Web-cam for observerís view: also recording directly to hard drive, we will use this as our audio channel.

c.       Details:

                                                               i.      Use mp4 format (estimated size: 8MB/minute).

                                                             ii.      CCC will loan us their Web-cam (they have 6)

                                                           iii.      We will record directly to the CCC network drives.

                                                           iv.      PROBLEM: need 6x microphones for recording the synchronization signal. Kelvin to resolve.

d.      Need: A detailed step-by-step guide for students to follow (Mike)


2.       Opt-out procedure: will brief students on the first day about the project and recording. We will need to brief students twice. Details

a.       April 1st 5:45pm: Robin will go to Mikeís classroom to brief students about opting out

b.      April 1st 8:00pm: David will go to Mikeís classroom to brief

c.       Details:

                                                               i.      Classroom: CCC-230

                                                             ii.      Remember:

1.       students can opt-out from research study, BUT not from participating in the survey (part of course work).

2.       students need to give their names on surveys

3.       their Professor (Mike Panitz) will not have access to the survey results until the final grades are in, and Mike will have NO access to the identity of students on surveys (TLC will filter those information out).


3.       Pre- and Post- Survey procedure: we will use Catalyst Web Survey for this purpose. Details as follow:

a.       We will collect studentsí names on survey forms and TLC will remove this information.

b.      Collect students email address: On April 1st: when David/Robin brief students, will make then send their email address to TLC (make students send their email right then and there!!). With studentsí email address, we can control/inform students for post-survey.

c.       Dates:

                                                               i.      Pre-Course Survey: April 1st (David and Robin will administer)

                                                             ii.      Post-Course Survey: June 3rd (Mike will dedicate time for this)


4.       Survey Form:

a.       Merged version of new ones from Cinnamon and old ones from previous study to ensure a smooth transition.

b.      PROBLEM: Need a post-exercise questionnaire!


5.       Class room recording:

a.       Record 6 groups of students (since CCC only has 6 web-cams), this is different from what we discussed previously of recording all students, I am thinking 6 will be plenty, and if we simply set up the cameras before the first recording, students can self-select to work in the camera.Do people think this is ok?

b.      Record 3 sets of exercise.

c.       Action Item: none. All resolved.


6.       Exercises: we need to include explicit goals for each of the exercises, these goals should fall into two categories:

a.       Technical learning goals: (Action item: Mike to specify)

b.      Non-Technical learning goals, measurement/observation relating to:

                                                               i.      Interests level

                                                             ii.      Resilience level (continuously attempt the problems)

                                                           iii.      Frustration level


7.       Important dates/time/location/who:

a.       April 1st: Initial visit for opting out and Pre-Course survey

                                                               i.      Time: 5:45 and 8:00

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-230

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Robin (at 5:45) + David (at 8pm)

                                                           iv.      Pre-Course Survey


b.      April 8th: For first exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:35pm to begin setup

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-230

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin

                                                           iv.      Remember to include post-exercise questionnaire.


c.       April 15th: For second d exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:35pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-230

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin


d.      April 22nd: For third exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:35pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-230

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin


e.       June 3rd: For post-course survey

                                                               i.      Time: 5:45pm

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-230

                                                           iii.      Who: Should someone else be there?