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On June 8th, Cinnamon, Robin, Mike and Kelvin met to discuss approaches to study the video/audio recordings. Here are what we discussed:


1.       Media file conversion and sharing:

a.       Robin: will combine the two recording streams into one and create/post the media to a blackboard site.

b.      Action item: Robin will let the team know about the blackboard site.


2.       Transcription: Since the two Computer Science (CS) members on the team have no experience working with video/audio transcription, the team has decided that Robin will go through the media and transcribe/identify all the interesting information and the rest of the team members will use Robinís transcription as a template to add in their own observations.

a.       Current approach is that, Robin will follow all three recording sessions of Group-5 (right-hand-side last table) and use that as an example to show the CS team members how transcriptions should be done.

b.      Robin: will work on the first pass transcription


3.       Whatís next:

a.       6/15: Robin will send all team members the transcription from group-5. Delayed due to Robinís finger injury.

b.      6/18 at 2pm: Team will meet to discuss Robinís transcription. This will help the CS members understand what needs to be done. Cancelled due to Robinís finger injury.

c.       7/28 at 4pm: Team will meet with transcriptions from all members, this meeting will help us layout the foundations for paper writing.

4.       Conference deadlines:

a.       Sep 7: SIGCSE

b.      Mid December: FDG

c.       Early January: ItiCSE