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Subject:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† RE: Dec 2008: Progress Report on: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook



Re: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook: December 2008 Progress Report


Happy New Year! The following is the project progress report for December 2008. Mainly because of the weather (stuck in snow in multiple locations) and a short vacation, progress of the project is about 5 days behind our optimum schedule, and thus this slightly late status report. The good news is, we are completely done with XNACS1Lib documentation and porting of XGA:


1.      Workbook progress (XGC1): We are completely done (based on XNA 3.0!)! Version 1.0 has just been released.


2.      XGA: The porting to XNACS1Lib is complete (XNA 3.0). All documentation are updated to reflect the new support for XNACS1Lib. Version 1.01 (for XNACS1Lib) has just been released.


3.      Publications and dissemination:

a.       Communications of the ACM: We have received two (of three) reviews and both are highly positive! This is very encouraging!

b.      MSR Workshop: Kelvin will offer a full day workshop in late February at MSR inviting interested community college faculty members that are teaching introductory programming courses. This will be a great opportunity for practicing the workshop for the cruise, and recruiting collaborators for future NSF grant proposals.

c.       Cruise Conference:

                                                               i.      Paper on results from using XGA in classroom: submitted.

                                                             ii.      Workshop: Kelvin will offer a 2-3 hour workshop on XGC1 examples before the first day of the workshop.

d.      ItiCSE paper on integrating GameMaker and XNA/C# programming for non-major students: on target for submission before Jan 23rd.


4.      Future:

a.       Further proposal: We will develop a proposal to submit to John and Kent describing our plans and efforts in bringing XNA based game-themed applications as teaching tools for K-12 teachers.

b.      Workshops and presentations: there are many workshops and presentations we will be attending to share our results in the near future:

                                                               i.      January:

1.       Ruben Mugartegui Paulinís invitation to Guadalajara for a 3-day workshop.

2.       UW-Tacomaís invitation for a presentation on our project.

                                                             ii.      February: MSR Workshop

                                                           iii.      March: SIGCSE Panel (and potentially GDC poster section).

                                                           iv.      April: Cruise Workshop and potential paper presentation.

                                                             v.      June: Invitation to Beijing Technology University for a 2-day workshop.