From:                                                      Kelvin Sung []

Sent:                                                        Friday, May 30, 2008 3:58 PM

To:                                                            John Nordlinger

Cc:                                                            Kelvin Sung

Subject:                                                  May 2008: Progress Report on: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook


Re: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook: May 2008 Progress Report


The team has begun regular meeting planning out the details and schedule for this project. So far we have discussed:



  1. Schedule: We have re-prioritized our efforts. Instead of “depth-first” approach, we are taking a “breadth-first approach”. We will produce a complete draft, begin the reviewing procedure, and then work on refinement. This is our new schedule:
    1. First rough draft of the complete material: Early October 2008, and begin reviewing process.
    2. Refine and potential extending the materials: Fall 2008
    3. 2009: begin using the materials and commence with our study
  2. Summer workload: both Mike Panitz and Kelvin will re-adjust our summer schedule to concentrate on this project. We expect intensive development as soon as the quarter ends.


Project Details:

  1. Target Textbook: Tony Gaddis, Starting Out With Programming Logic and Design.


  1. Adoptability: To ensure easy adaptability, we will target a second textbook as reference, for now, because of its popularity for second reference textbook, we will probably use: Deitle and Deitle, How to Program C#


  1. Range of coverage:  in both of the books we will cover materials through and _before_ file IO (file IO will not be covered).


  1. Structure of our results will be similar to the XGA Workshop where we will have
    1. Links to all chapters
    2. Each Chapters will have links to all examples
    3. Each Example will include source code, and step-by-step guide in developing the example and using the example
    4. Exercise and self-test questions at the end of each chapter.


  1. Approach: refer to textbook via a central indirection reference table (IRT), this way, we can develop concept module examples (CME) and refer to the IRT for reference to textbook.
    1. We can construct an IRT for each textbook
    2. We should be able to re-structure only the IRT and use the same CME for the second textbook.


  1. Organization of the CMD:
    1. C# Express IDE: guide and intro (much like our workshop materials)
    2. Analyze and learn the software architecture framework exposed to us via the XNA framework
    3. And then we can begin with the actual concepts.


  1. Development: This will begin after mid/late June. Both Mike Panitz and Kelvin are quite involve with current teaching and with finishing the Spring quarter.