From:                                                      Kelvin Sung []

Sent:                                                        Saturday, August 30, 2008 8:56 AM

To:                                                            John Nordlinger; Kelvin Sung

Subject:                                                  RE: Aug 2008: Progress Report on: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook


Re: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook: August 2008 Progress Report


August has been productive and rewarding. We made tremendous progress in the project where at this point, we are about 75% done with initial draft. In addition, we have completed and submitted 2 papers, 1 panel proposal, and a workshop to SIGCSE 2009. The project is moving forward on schedule. Here are some details:


  1. Work book progress:
    1. Example code: done with chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8. We should now go back and re-implement chapter 1 to include necessary tutorials on MVC model.
    2. Documentation and explanation of the examples: we are done with Chapters 5, 6, and 7.
    3. Important work to be done: we need create a website off our MSR project site linking these results. This is something we should accomplish ASAP!


  1. Paper writing and conferences:  as planned (please refer to July status report) the following has been submitted to SIGCSE 2009. With SIGCSE’s strict acceptance, we can only keep our fingers crossed.
    1. K. Sung, M. Panitz, R. Rosenberg, J. Nordlinger, "Assessment of CS1/2 Game-Themed Programming Assignments for Faculty," Paper submitted to SIGCSE 2009, August 2008.

b.        M. Panitz, K. Sung, R. Rosenberg, "Game Programming in CS0: A Scaffolded Approach," Paper submitted to SIGCSE 2009, August 2008.

c.        K. Sung, and M. Panitz, "Developing Game-Themed Assignments: A Guide For Faculty Without A Background in Graphics or Games," Workshop proposal submitted to SIGCSE 2009, August 2008.

d.        M. Lewis, and S. Leutenegger, and M. Panitz, and K. Sung, and S. Wallace, "Introductory Programming Courses and Computer Games," Panel proposal submitted to SIGCSE 2009, August 2008.


  1. New Development: Kelvin ran into Reed Stevens from UWS Education department during MSR faculty summit. Reed and Kelvin are discussing more in-depth assessment of teaching CS1/2 based on our materials. We will advance beyond simple exam scores and survey questions for evaluating our materials.


  1. Next:
    1. Work on Chapter-1 of the workbook project (MVC), and complete the web-site.
    2. Prepare for CCSC-NW conference panel and workshop presentations.
    3. Meet with Reed Stevens to work out detailed assessment plans.