From:                                                      Kelvin Sung []

Sent:                                                        Monday, March 30, 2009 4:58 PM

To:                                                            John Nordlinger; Lee Dirks


Subject:                                                  March 2009: Progress Report on: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook



Re: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook: March 2009 Progress Report


The following is the project progress report for March 2009. Our project is progressing very well, Here are the details:


1.      Workbook progress (XGC1): Two main area of changes:

a.       Library upgrade: we have been upgrading our library based on feedback from the February Guadalajara workshop. This upgrade includes even more automation of behaviors (e.g. velocity, rotated front directions, etc.), and organization of related information (world clamping and collisions). The development was done last month and this month we have included all documentation updates (including new corresponding tutorials).

b.      Faculty reviewer feedback: with feedback from our reviewer (Jessica Bayliss from RIT), we are including extra materials into the workbook, including one new topic area (on Objects and classes) and extra examples to conclude the presentation of loops in a final game. We are currently updating the detail write up for these tutorials.

Our goal is to complete all of the above development work before the Apr 11th MSR workshop. We have about 10 more days and the work is progressing well. This is a realistic deadline.


2.      Spring classroom assessment project progress: We have redesigned our survey forms, identified recording software, tested the setup in cascadia (adopting institution). This assessment will being on April 1st. We are ready.


3.      Publications and Disseminations: Our SIGCSE panel was very well received. The most exciting information from the conference is the fact that people are using our XGA assignments! Though they did not let contact us, or provide us with any feedback, at least one institution, Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) in Georgia, is using our materials. Dr. Preston from SPSU introduced himself to Kelvin in SIGCSE and praised the XnaAssignmentBase! Kelvin explained there are new release online and Dr. Preston seems excited. Dr. Joanne Selinski, Director of undergraduate studies from John’s Hopkins talked to Kelvin after the panel, impressed with our work, we are trying to find ways to collaborate with Dr. Selinski on game-themed programming.


4.      Up-coming workshop/conferences:

a.       MSR External Research Symposium (March 2009): we will present a poster and a presentation on the impact of our project.

b.      MSR Workshop (April 2009)

c.       FDG Cruise Conference (April 2009)

d.      Beijing Workshop (July 2009)

e.       Puerto Vallarta Workshop (Feb 2010)

f.        Others: Kelvin is in contact with Miran (MSRA) in determining if there are any interests, we will contact Lolan at MSRA as soon as we can confirm the dates for July 2009 workshop.


5.      Future: the following activities were described in the previous few monthly reports. These activities are longer-term and on-going, we expect/hope to complete each  before the individual deadlines:

a.       Building Synergies with G4LI: this proposal is ready we hope to submit this within next week or so.

b.     NSF ATE (April 26) and CCLI (May 20): We are working on the proposal to take the “Game-Theme 2.0: Faculty Perspective” idea to NSF, current Co-PI includes all of the UWB collaborators (Robin, Cinnamon, David), we are going to work with CC faculty from North Seattle, Bellevue, for the ATE proposal.

c.     WA state HECB (Higher Education Coordination Board) [end of April]: we have noticed synergy between our team, our results and the HECB Educators for the 21th Century grant ( With our results and the strength of our team, we can be very competitive! We are developing a proposal for this RFP.