From:                              Kelvin Sung []

Sent:                               Monday, June 01, 2009 11:49 AM

To:                                   John Nordlinger; Lee Dirks


Subject:                          May 2009: Progress Report on: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook


Re: XNA CS1-Lab Workbook: May 2009 Progress Report


The highlights of this month: machine and PDA crashes! Good news is, no                     serious damaged caused (thanks to the 4 different backups), bad news is, progress on XGC1 library is slowed. This is also the last few weeks of the academic year. The actual amount of work done is balanced with institutional and instructional demands. Final good news is, summer will begin in a week or so, and we expect the work efficiency to shoot through the roof! Here are the details:


1.        Workbook progress (XGC1): Library development continues, due to the machine crash, we are about a week behind in schedule. At this point, with replacement machine on the way, it is still optimistic for late June final release.


2.        Spring classroom assessment project: we have begun analyzing our video and audio recording. We expect the bulk of the work to get done over the summer and we are on-target for SIGCSE 2010. This is exciting! 


3.        Up-coming workshop/conferences:

a.       Beijing Workshop (July 2009), I am working on the details for this workshop base on the new (still in development) XGC1 library. With the new library interface, programming is becoming all the easier, there are actually quite a bit of new materials, newer and easier to use materials!

b.      Puerto Vallarta Workshop (Feb 2010)

c.       Kelvin should look for a workshop to offer in South America this Fall 2009.


4.        Future:

a.       We are finalizing the budget for the HECB proposal, the negotiation is such that we have to take a 28% budget cut, we are looking at final project budget of around $680K. Exciting opportunity, project to begin this Summer.

b.      NSF CCLI: We have submitted the “Game-Theme CS1/2: Empowering the Faculty” proposal to NSF CCLI program. Co-PIs includes Kelvin, Mike Panitz, and Jessica Bayliss from RIT (where she will help with designing “fun” modules and implementation will be in C#/XNA), proposal budget: $240K.

c.       Textbook: As part of the above NSF CCLI proposal, Kelvin got in touched with Alice Peters and presented a very very draft textbook proposal. AK Peters has expressed interests (in writing) to publish our work as a textbook! For now, co-authors will be Sung, Panitz, and Bayliss.