XNA Game-Themed CS1 Examples (XGC1)

Release 2.0 (XNA V3.1)

Topic: Topic.4.DecisionStructures
Example: Ex_2.SimpleIf

Decision Statements: Simple "If" Statements



1. Obtain the example code

Download and unzip the zip file and you will see an ExampleProgram folder. Open the ExampleProgram folder, the EXE folder contains the compiled program and you can double click on the .sln file to work with the source code.

When the game starts, you'll see a screen that looks similar to this:

The game behaves in a manner that is identical to the what was described for the previous tutorial, with one new change: If the soccer ball reaches the right edge of the screen, it will 'bounce off' that edge, meaning that it will reverse it's horizontal direction.  Notice that if the ball is moving rightwards and upwards when it hits the right edge, it turns around so that it's moving leftwards but still upwards

2. Examining The Program:

Let's examine the C# source code that produces the behavior we see on-screen.  Since the code is nearly identical to the program that was presented in the previous tutorial, we'll leave out everything, except for code that has changed, or code that is new.  That leaves us with:


Project home page: The Game-Themed Introductory Programming Project.
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