XNA Game-Themed CS1 Examples ( XGC1 )

Release 2.0 (XNA V3.1)

Topic: Topic.5.RepetitionStructures
Example: Ex_19.ZapGameNestedForLoopBlockA

Zap Game: Nested For loops



1. Obtain the example code

Download and unzip the zip file and you will see an ExampleProgram folder. Open the ExampleProgram folder, the EXE folder contains the compiled program and you can double click on the .sln file to work with the source code.

When the game starts, you'll see a screen that looks similar to this:

This version of the 'zap' game looks and plays very similarly to the prior version, which was explained in the 380 tutorial .  The major change in this version is that the game will detect when the player's zapping beam has collided with BlockA, and if it has collided, it will cause the laser beam to go up the wall, and then continue on towards the enemy.  Note that collisions with all the other blocks are still unhandled

Notice that we will also adjust the hero's laser beam so that there are no spaces in it.

2. Examining The Program:

Let's examine the C# source code that produces the behavior we see on-screen


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Michael Panitz
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