Windows Phone 7 Sensors and XNA
Development Environment
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Release 1.1 (XNA V4.0)

Requirements for Programming Windows Phone 7

Microsoft DreamSpark: Before we begin, for academics (student or faculty) go to Microsoft DreamSpark ( to sign up for an account. Microsoft gives out an impressive array of free software (e.g., Visual Studio 2010) and other services (e.g., Windows Phone Marketplace registration) for academics. Sign up an account to take full advantage!

As in programming for all mobile/portable devices, there are four issues to be concerned with: valid IDE, Device SDK, Vendor Registration, and Device Registration. All of the following steps are straightforward and can be accomplished in real time (immediately). All except Vendor Registration, where personal identity verification can take hours or days.

  1. Operating System and IDE: this is integrated environment you will be working in. For WP7, you must work with either Windows 7 or Vista (not XP), and for the actual IDE, you can work with either: Download and install.

  2. Device SDK: This is referred to as "Windows Phone Developer Tools".

  3. Vendor Registration: for security reasons, all mobile device vendors requires to verify your identity before allowing you to develop for their platform. In WP7 case, this verification is built into the Windows Phone Marketplace registration: After registered with the Vendor, you are finally ready to register and unlock your device.

  4. Device Registration: WP7 device communicates with the PC via the provided USB cable and the Zune software. To register/unlock your device for development, you will need:
  5. You can now build a WP7 application in your IDE and downlaod to your WP7 device.


The following can be particularly interesting

How to Trigger Person Identification Verification (for registration via DreamSpark)

If you registered your Windows Phone Market place for free via DreamSpark. You must submit a new application for verification to the Windows Phone Market place to trigger personal identification process. Do not worry about submit and verification, or if you do not have any application to submit. The goal here is to submit some bogus application to trigger the verification process. The following steps will guide you through just that: submit a bogus application. As unpleasant and interesting way of spending one's time, I'd be polite in the filling out the application submission request. Consider this: someone who has no control and is at no fault over this process must review your submission as his/her job. Venting your feeling at this person will not help.
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