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Comparative Medicine

Carol B. Ware

Carol B. Ware

Carol B. Ware


Ph.D. National University of Ireland, Dublin 1986

South Lake Union, N501A, Box 358056, Seattle, WA 98195


About Dr. Ware

Dr. Ware’s research interests focus on pluripotent stem cells.  Currently this includes the stages of pluripotency and most recently, how pluripotency impacts DNA repair as a prelude to normal development and cancer.  She is the Director of the Tom and Sue Ellison Stem Cell Core within the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM) with a focus on human pluripotent stem cells, while pursuing an understanding of pluripotent cells from other mammalian species.  The Ellison Stem Cell Core facilitates research into stem cells by providing training, iPSC derivation and gene editing services.  It serves as a conduit for growth of local interest in stem cells, education and collaboration.  Dr. Ware jointly teaches a stem cell course  (CONJ 530) aimed primarily at graduate students beginning their research with stem cells.  In addition, she coordinates research updates, guest lectures and the annual symposium for ISCRM.  She is an Associate Director for ISCRM and is an Adjunct Professor in Oral Health Sciences.

Complete bibliography (selected publications out of 65)


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