About the Blog

What is the Careers and Funding Blog?

The Careers and Funding Blog is a dedicated space for UW College of the Environment students to discover the educational and professional opportunities around them. The Blog is an amalgamation of environmentally-related job postings, fellowships, scholarships, project funding, and volunteer opportunities. The Blog does not produce its own content but rather serves as an area for other organizations to post announcements and openings for environmental students.


Employer Use Policy of the Careers and Funding Blog

The Careers and Funding Blog, a service of the College of the Environment, facilitates the listing of environmentally related opportunities from all bona fide employing organizations with full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal jobs and internships. The College of the Environment follows best practices detailed in the University of Washington Career Center’s Employer Use Policy and expects employers to comply with this policy, which outlines guidelines that govern the manner in which positions are determined appropriate for posting, in keeping with the mission and purpose of the College of the Environment and the University of Washington.


The College of the Environment reserves the right to determine whether an opportunity is an appropriate match for the purpose and audience of the Careers and Funding Blog.


If you have questions regarding the policy please contact Michelle Hall, Director of Student and Academic Services, at 206-543-6233 or hallm@uw.edu.


The Scope of the Careers and Funding Blog

The Careers and Funding Blog is primarily focused on serving current undergraduate students, current graduate students, and recent alumni. As such, the vast majority of the jobs posted here are limited to lower level positions that require less experience. Barring a few rare circumstances, this means jobs posted here must ask for 5 years of experience or less since it is assumed that most of the Blog’s audience falls within that demographic. The major exception to this rule is academic positions. In this case, the Blog contains entry-level positions (Associate and Assistant Professors) but nothing directly tied with tenure.


How To Evaluate an Internship

If you have questions or concerns involving the validity of an internship, reference a guide provided by the University of Washington Career Center to help students Evaluate Internships.


Scam and Fraudulent Job Postings

The Careers and Funding Blog reviews each job posting before it is published on the blog. However, scam employment postings are an unfortunate reality, nationally as well as here at UW. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a job posting, please do refer to the Scam and Fraudulent Job Postings guide provided by the University of Washington Career Center.


How To Best Use the Blog

As the Careers and Funding Blog continues to grow and expand some of its features can appear increasingly confusing for first-time users. In an effort to reduce frustration and increase proficiency, this guide was created to give new users an introduction on how to get the most out of this Blog.


Searching for Jobs and Funding

The Careers and Funding Blog is designed first-and-foremost to be easily searchable and skim-able. There are three ways to search for positions on the Blog. All search methods will bring up related posts from most to least recent.


1.  By Category

Along the left side of the Blog’s homepage is a menu system that allows the job/funding-seeker to search the database by a certain category (By Degree Level, By Environmental Department, etc.). Whenever possible, every position or announcement that is posted on the Blog is placed under each of these categories and into a sub-category. Clicking on a sub-category (for instance, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD under “Degree Level”) will bring up every active post listed there.


2.  By Tag

In addition to being categorized, every post is given a series of blue, descriptive tags (located under the Deadline) that give the job/funding-seeker an idea about the position requirements. Clicking on a tag will bring up every other post containing that tag. Alternatively, you can also click on the most frequently used tabs fro, the Tag Cloud in the sidebar for the same results.


3.  By Keyword

Under the Categories Menu system is a search box that will scan Blog posts for keywords the user enters. The keyword search will scan all the words and tags in a post but not the categories or attached links. This form of searching can be significantly more specific than the others as you can search by more than one qualifier at a time – for instance, searching with the keywords Seattle, Full-Time, and Master’s will be more effective than searching for each of those individually by category or tag.

When searching the Blog, keep in mind that many of the positions are sorted based on their minimal requirements. For instance, job/funding-seekers with a Master’s degree should also search under Bachelor’s in order to find all of the positions for which they are qualified.



Much of this Blog’s success is drawn from the support given to it by its job-seekers and job-posters. Any feedback you have concerning the blog – whether positive or negative – is welcome and will be taken into account.