Frequently Asked Questions

“Why are there fewer postings under some departments and categories than others?”

All of the content that appears on this Blog was submitted to us either directly by an employer or by someone associated with the College of the Environment. If it seems like one department or category isn’t as well represented as another, it is because there are fewer of those positions being sent to us. In order to provide you with the best service possible, please encourage the people who learn about the positions you’re interested in to become involved with this Blog.


“Why are there fewer descriptive tags on some posts?”

The Careers and Funding Blog’s content is dependent upon the information forwarded to it, avoiding guesswork whenever possible. If a post lacks descriptive tags about its suggested environmental department or experience requirement, it’s likely that information isn’t explicit in the description.


 “Why didn’t you post an announcement I suggested?”

Even though each position announcement is different in content and format, there are a number of criteria each position must meet in order to be posted on the Careers and Funding Blog:

  1. The position must be in some way related to the environment and be a reasonable position for a student or recent alumni (5 or less years of experience).
  2. The announcement must contain or link to a description that provides contact information and enough information about the position for a candidate to make an informed decision.
  3. There must be a reasonable amount of time both for the position to be posted and for a job-seeker to respond. In general, this means the position must be able to be posted at least 2 days before the deadline arrives.


“How do I evaluate an internship?”

Check out a new resource provided by the University of Washington Career Center created  to help students Evaluate Internships.


“How do I know if a job posting is fraudulent?”

The University of Washington Career Center has created a Scam and Fraudulent Job Postings guide to help students evaluate postings.