General Studies 101
Summer Quarter 2009









About the Instructor

Donna Bolima-Yamada

"Be the change you want to see"
--Mahatma Ghandi

Academics is hard work... College is usally a rude awakening for students with the realization that it will be hard work, very different from high school life and way more demanding. But there is good news --it is doable hard work.

I began my academic journey at the University of Washington as a single Mom of two and 'first generation/low income student with E.O.P. (Equal Opportunity Program). It was especially challenging to readjust to an urban pace and demands after 10 years of life in a tiny fishing village in Alaska.

Yet it was in this village that I took my first college course, telecommuting remotely, plugging in to the college with six other small villages throughout Southeast Alaska --and running home in the dark afterwards for fear of bears! It was a rare, but exciting experience!

After entering the UW as an undergraduate, my various jobs included work with Women's Studies as a T.A. and occasional lecturer, a tutor for the U.W. Huskies, and in 1985 work with the U.W. Office of Minority Affairs Writing Center.

In 1988, I also began working with both the U.W. and N.S.C.C. Upward Bound Programs as a summer instructor, and later as the sole academic year instructor for U.W. U.B. Currently, I am also a Senior Associate Faculty for Cascadia Community College and Adjunct Faculty for Western Washington University, and Bridge Study Skills instructor for UW Tacoma Campus.

I completed my U.W. degrees in English (Writing Emphasis) and Gender Studies, a M.Ed. (multicultural focus) and am currently an ED.C. (Educational Doctorate Candidate). I am also a long standing officer of Alaska Native Sisterhood-one of the oldest native community service groups in Alaska.

My pedagogical emphasis centers on transformational education and levels of social justice. I am currently writing my Doctoral Dissertation on issues in visual perception in the area of Curriculum and Instructional Leadership.