General Studies 101
Summer Quarter 2009









About the Instructor

Weekly Schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, class will meet every: Tuesday/Thursday 1:10 - 2:10, ARC 160 1:10 - 2:10 -Bring Lunch if needed

***NOTICE: Weekly Topics Below Subject to Change & Expect Weekly Reading and/or Writing Assignments

Week 1 The Combat Zone

Tuesday: Introduction to Course, Lecture: First Generation, Assignment: Time Management, Write-up #1
Suggested viewing: YouTube

Thursday: Learning to Listen, Assignment: Take Notes using cornell PDF, Discovery Wheel, Write-up #1 ( Reflection Journal #1) and Time Management Due to digital drop box

Week 2 In the Trenches! Research Strategies

Tuesday: What is good research? Lecture: Invention/Intention & Research Basics, Personality Shapes Exercise Assignment: Begin researching a topic related to your current class topic in reading.

Thursday: Lecture: EQ and Multiple intelligences Database overview by OUGL Rep, Tips on research, Assignment: 1 page research paper — Research Summary #1 on issues related to Asian American Studies or a topic of your choice, Due to digital drop box

Week 3 Strategic Mind Maps –Knowing Your Reading Territory

Tuesday: Assignment:
After taking the Learning Assessment, research learning strategies related to your learning preference. Write-up one paragraph on what you found, as well as obstacles so far, and possible solutions-deposit to digital drop box, IC Tour Assignment: Make an appointment to stop by the IC to get feedback on a paper from one of your classes—use your research paper from this class if you have none. You may use Thursday this class period for an appointment time.

ePortfolio work individually —will not MEET in Class —use to make IC appointment, Assignment: Mind Map #1 of Week 3 Readings in your classes due to digital drop box, Brief write-up on IC visit due, along with revised paper from visit( Check Pt #1 )

Week 4 Capturing the Bunker/Test taking

Mind Maps & Outlines of Chicano Studies Books by group, turn in summary in class—write up brief critique on group collusion experience. Suggested Video: YouTube

Thursday: Group work preparation in class for exams, Assignment:
Effective Exam Writing and Test taking. Lecture: Test Taking & Group collusion, Assignment: Reflection Journal #2 Due ) —where are you now in the college experience process. deposit to digital drop box.

Week 5 Effective Listening & Note Taking Review 17th/19th

Tuesday: Assignment: Reflection Journal #3 is your 1st paragraph of your 1st Gen Essay with pictures, Note Taking Assign

Guest Speaker —Sharon Primm-Dayot on Chicano Studies/Photo Essay and Rules Assignment: Begin writing First Gen Essay which is the Photo Essay

Week 6 Moving up the Ranks-Career & Academics 24th/26th

Career, Assignment: Turn in one page Research Summary #2 based on Chicano Studies Weekly Reading

Guest Speaker–Candace & June Assignment: One Page Research on Career/Academic Options (can use some of interview with Counselors) Career Essay Due to digital drop box

Week 7 Reflection and Expression 31st/Aug 2nd

Student Ambassadors Panel, Nicole Kim guest speaker Assignment : Prepare notes from guest speakers, Research Summary #3 two page summary of research on topics related to Chicano Studies due to digital drop box

Work on Photo Essay in lab, Assignment: Photo Essay full Drafts Due to digital drop box

Week 8 It Takes Money…. 7th/9th

Financial Planning Seminar
Assignment: Check Point #2, Make appointment IC to ck Final Paper Drafts —can use Thursday class time

no class —Check papers, revise and prepare final Presentations!
Assignment: Report on Check Point #2, one page write-up on how IC visit went, revised papers.

Week 9 V is for Victory! 14th/16th

Thursday: Presentations, Assignments: Final Reflection Essay due to digital drop box