General Studies 101
Summer Quarter 2007









About the Instructor

Weekly Schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, class will meet every:
Tuesday, 1:10 - 2:10 in GOULD 430 & Thursday, 1:10 - 2:10, OUGL Collab 1

***NOTICE: Weekly Topics Below Subject to Change & Expect Weekly Reading and/or Writing Assignments

Week 1 The Combat Zone 24th/26th
Tuesday: Introduction to Course, Lecture: Listening Skills, Assignment: Time Management Sheet, Discovery Wheel Assessment #1
Introduction to Digital Drop Box, Lecture: First Generation
Assignment: Time Management Sheet, Discovery Wheel Assess #1 Due via email to

Week 2 In the Trenches! 1/3
Tuesday: Lecture: Invention/Intention & Research Basics Group work & Schedules
Assignment: First Generation Reflection Reponse #1 Due to Digital Drop Box
Thursday: Lecture: Database overview by OUGL Rep, Tips on research, Assignment: Research Summary #1 (MLA Format) Using the database, find an issue related to immigration or Asian or Chicano Stereotypes or a topic of your choice--due to digital drop box.

Week 3 Capturing the Bunker 8/10
Tuesday: Lecture: EQ and Multiple intelligences, Assignment: Research #1 Due to digital Drop box, Make an appointment to stop by the Instructional Center
Thursday: No-Class for IC-Check Point, Assignment: Make an appointment to stop by the IC to get feedback on a paper from one of your classes—use your research paper from this class if desired, or get help on a math or science assignment. You may use this class period for your appointment time or a time of your choosing.

Week 4 Strategic Mapping –Knowing Your Reading Territory 15/17
Tuesday: Lecture: Mind Mapping Assignment: Mind Map #1 of Readings in your class due to digital drop box, Brief write-up on IC visit due, along with revised paper from visit(Check Pt #1)
Thursday: Guest Speaker —Sharon Primm-Dayot on Chicano Studies/Photo Essay and Rules, Effective Exam Writing and Test taking. Assignment: Group work preparation in class for exams

More to come...

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