General Studies 101
Summer Quarter 2007









About the Instructor

Course Description Summer 2008

This course will focus on critical thinking, college-level reading and learning in higher education, and will research affective behavior, learning styles, leadership, and self-directed/disciplined/monitored/corrective learning.

Your credit and grade will be based upon various assignments such as essays, research, response write-ups, reflective and analytical work. You will also be required to participate during class time discussions and online activities during the quarter.

This course and your final Project are designed to:

Improve the understanding of the college student's responsibility in the teaching/ learning process and support skills needed for college level course work.

Increase student's college-level critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

Promote a positive adjustment into the university environment.

Help students develop a set of adaptive study, coping, and survival skills while attending the university.

Increase awareness of personal learning styles and how to work with other types of learning styles.

Develop student leaders in academics, as well as on campus and within the community.

Grading Policy
To receive CR for this course you must maintain an 80% avg. on all assignments and
activities. NOTE: You must not drop below 472 points in order to receive CR. 
TOTAL = 590 points @ 80% = 472

Required Readings-  As assigned

Summary of Main Assignments

Study Skills

Class Schedules/Time Management Sheets                          30 points
Reflection Response Write ups 1,2,3                                      25 points each (3)
Book Mind Maps & Summaries (Battle field plan) 1              50 points 
Research Summaries 1,2,3                                                     15 points each (3)
Assessments 1, 2, 3                                                                 25 points each (3)
IC Check in Points 1, 2                                                             25 points each (2)


Photo Essay: First Generation Essay                                      75 points
Career Exploration Essay                                                         75 points
Final Reflection Comments                                                     15 points
Read photo essay last day                                                       20 points extra
In-Class Participation                                                              100 points

*IMPORTANT: Digital Drop Box to turn in assignments (requires log-in -click on next first):
Drop Box under Revisions --should be up soon...