Ethiopian Community Mutual Association

2111 East Union St Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206.325.0304 | Fax: 206.860.1924

Mission statement

The mission of Ethiopian Community Mutual Association is to bridge the gap created by language and cultural barriers which prevented Ethiopians refugees and immigrants access to health, social, and other services that are available to them; transmit cultural values, promote economic development and sports to benefit Ethiopians living in Seattle and its vicinity.


Case Management and Advocacy
Provide and support the community and work to promote economic development opportunities for Ethiopians in Greater Seattle

Employment Referral Listing
for City and State Employment
Referrals for Job Search and Training Programs

Counseling Services and referrals
Individual and Family Counseling
Provide Support and References in Immigration Cases

Child care / Welfare Referral
to Appropriate Agencies
Mediate in Child/Parent Conflicts and Juvenile Justice
Educate Parents for Better Parent/Child Communication

Housing Services
References for First-time Renters
Representation and Mediation in Housing Problems

Health / Nutritional Information
Educate Parents in Improved Methods of Child Nutrition
Provide Educational Brochures on Health

Education / Training
Computer Training
Parenting education
Teaching English as a second language
Homework Tutoring
Citizenship Education
Tutoring for grade school children
Educational Scholarship and Loan Information
Health Classes

Sport/ Culture
To reduce identity crisis by creating cultural awareness and historical heritage; enhance better understanding and communication between parents and their children; keep children and youth out of the streets and out of crime by developing positive and a desire to achieve and become productive citizens

Translation / Interpretation

Emergency Intervention
Reconciliation in Family Disputes
Husband/ Wife


ECMA receives their funding from grants, monthly membership dues and fundraising activities. Grant writing is done by the Executive Director.

Gaps and Challenges in Services

As with most non-profit organizations, funding is always a challenge. With more funding ECMA would be able to provide more services to more members of their community.

Future goals

In the future, ECMA would like to own its own facility. A future program they would like to see is to be able to provide childcare at their location for their community members who are attending classes or receiving services at their agency. Also, an increase in staffing would better enable ECMA to provide a wider range of services.


Currently, ECMA operates with one full time staff member who is the Executive Director. Most of the programs are staffed and run by volunteers.

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