2718 S Jackson St , PO Box 22842
Seattle, WA 98144

The Oromo Community Center is located on Jackson & 28th Ave. S. in Seattle, Washington. The center was established in 1991 and serves as a place where Horn of Africa communities can congregate, participate in workshops, take classes, and participate in other activities of the like. The Oromo population is the second largest group from the Horn of Africa Communities residing in Seattle. The information outline below was gathered during an interview with Taha Roba, Program Coordinator from the Oromo Community Center.


The Oromo Community Center has as its mission “the empowerment of the Oromo community especially the youth in education, social integration for life, liberty and happiness as active citizens locally and internationally.” Taha Roba. The Center is one that serves all Horn of Africa communities across political, ethnic, regional, and/or religious affiliations.


Below are some of the services that are provided at the Oromo Community Center. Some of these services may be provided in partnership with other social service agencies in Seattle.

  • Parenting classes
  • Youth leadership program
  • Family leadership program
  • Family mediation
  • Youth language and culture classes
  • Counseling (academic counseling, domestic violence)
  • Workshops (health, business, home ownership)
  • External referrals
  • Advocacy
  • Elderly lunch program


The Oromo Community Center is funded in part by the City of Seattle and by private contributions. The center depends on volunteers. Currently the Center is run by one paid employee and by about 20 volunteers who help out at the Center at various times.


The goals of the Oromo Community Center are the following:

  • Improve the services provided
  • Build its own center
  • Acquire some computers
  • Teach computer classes
  • Improve admissions and retention rates of students of Oromo descent in higher education


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