Brian Ertley

Early in my investment career I knew that I would benefit from going back to graduate school, but I didn’t find a program that matched my interests focusing on risk, portfolio construction, and statistics.  Several years later I read about UW Applied Mathematics offering an online Certificate in Computational Finance.  UW distinguished itself from other programs by focusing on exactly on these areas of interest.  I looked carefully into the quality of the instructors and faculty and was impressed by their academics and business experience, so I signed up for the Certificate program, taking one class at a time.  My first two classes vastly exceeded my expectations for both course contents and instructor quality.  One thing that I hadn’t expected was the high quality of students in my classes, which included many industry professionals.  Based on my very positive experience in the certificate program, I applied for and was admitted to the first cohort in the online version of the new MS-degree program in Computational Finance and Risk Management.  During the MS program I studied portfolio construction under Doug Martin, financial econometrics from Eric Zivot, investment modeling from Guy Yollin, and risk management from three practitioners.  UW’s MS-CFRM program has already opened new doors for me.  I was fortunate to simultaneously have two very good buy-side job offers to choose between.  I’m currently working at a large well-known firm and every day I’m leveraging the combination of my prior professional experience and what I learned in the UW programs. I couldn’t be happier with my experience.


Brian Ertley, CFA
Senior Risk Manager