Michael Ward

Coming from an engineering background, I wanted to expand my knowledge of investment and risk management methods in a non-Gaussian world to improve my performance at a proprietary trading firm. A coworker recommended I take the chance to learn from some highly respected names in the field and sign up for the Computational Finance and Risk Management Certificate Program at University of Washington.  I am so glad he did. The program has greatly expanded my knowledge of factor models, regression analytics, and risk management, and I use all three on a daily basis. The single biggest endorsement I can give to this program is that it paid for itself before I was done with the first class. The University of Washington Applied Mathematics Department’s new M.S. degree in Computational Finance and Risk Management would be a wonderful opportunity for any engineer looking to break into the financial world, or anyone with a finance degree looking to improve their computational abilities.


Michael Ward, Futures Trader
Cheiron Trading,