Ed Martin

 The Computational Finance certificate program at UW was a great experience for me.  The courses expanded my theoretical knowledge and practical skills in areas such as portfolio theory, factor analysis, time series techniques, regression, and risk analysis.  The curriculum was challenging and relevant, and there were plenty of hands on exercises that strengthened my skills using the R language.   The instructors have experience working in the investment industry which allows them to connect the class work to real-world problems.  I felt that the technology used to deliver the courses put me on an equal footing with the on-campus students in terms of my learning the material and success in the program.   The certificate program was also a good entrée into the CF&RM Master’s program.  I was able to build a solid track record in the UW program and establish that I had the time and commitment to continue.  Overall it was a good investment and I strongly recommend the program to others.


Ed Martin, Fixed Income Quantitative Analyst
Financial Consultant