Joshua Paulson

The UW Computational Finance Certificate Program is the perfect blend of teaching programming skills with financial applications. Professors provide tangible, real-world examples and teach from personal industry experience. After learning the theoretical basis, I was able to jump right into pragmatically analyzing securities and stock portfolios to optimize return and mitigate risk exposure. We used the R programming language which provides both powerful and flexible analysis. You can take the R code from class and directly apply it to a professional environment. Additionally, online lectures allow you to work around your schedule, yet feel as if you are right inside the classroom due to the program's premium use of technology.  Thus I was able to continue working while helping advance my professional skills. I loved the R component and was amazed at the increase in my computational skills by the end of the courses. It was a worthwhile investment of my time and tuition fees. Thank you to the professors and coordinators for  thoughtfully designing this versatile and applicable program.


Joshua Paulson, Product Manager