CFRM 463: R-Programming for Quantitative Finance

This MS-CFRM pre-program course is an introduction to the R programming language ( for students who have had little to no prior computer programming experience in R. Students will learn the fundamentals of R programming.

Topics include:

  • R language syntax and control
  • R data structures
  • Data import and export capabilities
  • Functions and scripts
  • Graphics and plotting
  • R Package system

Upon completion of the course students will know to write R scripts to access data, perform basic analysis, and graphing for data visualization.


Course Dates: September 8 - 29, 2015

Credits: 1  - Undergraduate level credit does not count toward the MS-CF&RM degree or the Computational Finance Certificate requirements. 

Fee: $900 for the course plus fees

Single Course Enrollment Applicants:

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Guy Yollin
Prior experience with some programming language is desirable