Courses & Short Programs

For busy professionals, even a certificate program can be difficult to schedule around, and so we’ve made an effort to lower the barrier of entry even further by offering a number of shorter programs. More are planned, so please stay tuned for updates!

Seminars and Workshops

The simplest and fastest way to get involved in quantitative or computational finance at UW is to attend one of our seminars or other events.  Most are free of charge and typically run from one to three hours.  These guest speakers, industry presentations, and panel discussions are intended for personal enrichment and do not require an application or any formal prerequisites, although the material may not be accessible to a general audience without a sufficient math and finance background.

Coursera Self Study

Please note: as of July 1, 2016, CFRM and Applied Math courses are no longer available on Coursera. We are looking into converting them to the new Coursera software platform or a suitable alternative.

Special Standalone Courses

For those students who would like more interaction but minimal calendar impact, we have a few short courses available.  The following courses are designed not to rely extensively on our MS curriculum and are accessible to a wider audience thanks to a lower time commitment and high affordability.  Each course below is offered as an elective course for 1 or 2 credits, meaning that it meets for no more than 20 hours total and should be reasonably managed with less than 6 hours per week of student time.

  • Energy Markets Analytics and Derivatives (CFRM 580)
  • Ethics in Finance (CFRM 509)

Single Course Study

The next step up in CFRM coursework involves taking one or two individual full-length courses.  Although you will not earn a certificate credential (which requires a minimum of 90 hours of class time), you will be able to list the course(s) on your resume.  Students who are considering completing the full certificate program should apply directly to the certificate.  There is no penalty for withdrawing, and fees for each course are due only once per quarter.

UW PCE Single Course Enrollment

Each of the eight courses in the two CFRM certificate programs (CFRM 405, 410, 415, 420, 425, 501, 502, and 503) is available for single course study.  Please note, however, that the course prerequisites do still apply, so students wishing to “skip” to a later course must demonstrate not only the certificate entry requirements, but also proficiency in the preceding certificate courses.  You can apply for SCE coursework via our online application.

UW GNM Study

For certain exceptionally qualified professionals, any course from our MS curriculum can be taken individually, provided that the student can meet the course prerequisites.  This option requires careful consideration as well as obtaining GNM status from the UW Graduate School, regardless of whether you plan on applying for the MS degree program.  Students may take a maximum of 12 credits under GNM status.  Please contact us to consider your GNM study proposal.