Michael Ward

Coming from an engineering background, I wanted to expand my knowledge of investment and risk management methods in a non-Gaussian world to improve my performance at a proprietary trading firm. A coworker recommended I take the chance to learn from some highly respected names in the field and sign up for the Computational Finance and Risk Management Certificate Program at University of Washington.  I am so glad he did. The program has greatly expanded my knowledge of factor models, regression analytics, and risk management, and I use all three on a daily basis. The single biggest endorsement I can give to this program is that it paid for itself before I was done with the first class. The University of Washington Applied Mathematics Department’s new M.S. degree in Computational Finance and Risk Management would be a wonderful opportunity for any engineer looking to break into the financial world, or anyone with a finance degree looking to improve their computational abilities.


Michael Ward, Futures Trader
Cheiron Trading,

Ihor Yakymov

The Online Computational Finance program gave me a special opportunity to learn the mathematical and statistical foundations of financial instruments and portfolios.  The courses were taught by excellent professors who not only know the theoretical foundations in depth, but also work in the financial field and feel the subject from inside out.  The program was balanced very well in terms of topics and delivery. It was dynamic, interactive, and structured neatly and creatively.  It helped me to unite finance, math and programming that I use every day at my job. I am very grateful to the University of Washington for offering the program.

Ihor Yakymov, Software Application Developer

Braden Moore

The Computational Finance certificate program at the University of Washington was a fantastic experience for me.  I felt like I received a strong theoretical base of knowledge, along with plenty of applications relevant to industry work.   Within the first week of the first class I was using new techniques in my job researching financial issues for the federal government that I had learned in the class.  The professors bring a substantial amount of experience to the table as both academics and practitioners.  There is no doubt in my mind that earning the certificate has had a positive influence on my career.


Braden Moore, Research Assistant
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