Geoff Longmeier

The certificate will provide a foundation for any investment professional constructing portfolios in an optimal way.  The math is intensive and forms the bedrock on which the foundation sits.

Geoff Longmeier, CFA, Director - Centralized Portfolio Management
Parametric Portfolio Associates

Brandon Haiar

I could not be more satisfied with the education that I received by completing The University of Washington Applied Mathematics Department’s online Certificate program in Computational Finance. Following my undergraduate studies I completed an MBA, but I wanted to emphasize a more quantitative discipline in order to better position myself for leadership in tomorrow’s business environment.  After considering numerous alternatives, I chose the UW CF-Certificate program for its rigor and emphasis on applications.  I wasn’t just looking for a label, or a few letters to put behind my name – I wanted a program that would challenge me and that I would really learn from.  As a risk analyst who focuses on loss forecasting for capital budgeting and capital allocation decisions, I can undoubtedly say that this program has made me more productive and innovative at work.  Balancing the responsibilities of school, marriage, and work was difficult, but it was worth it. If I were to sum up my feelings about completing the program in one word, that word would be proud.


Brandon Haiar, Risk Analyst
First National Bank of Omaha

Kina Tatchukova

The UW Applied Mathematics Department has once again proved a strong commitment to academic excellence by offering the Certificate in Computational Finance program. With accomplished professors and world class quality curriculum, the program is a well-balanced blend of modern theory and real world application. Being offered online makes it accessible to working professionals, providing the necessary flexibility and unlimited help and resources. The greatest endorsement: I needed to enhance my skills and knowledge in financial markets, financial engineering, and quantitative risk management, in respond to a growing need of such at my workplace. With the certificate program in Computational Finance, I gained cutting edge skills and was able to apply all rapidly and successfully. I am grateful to all my professors and peers for this great learning experience!

Kina Tatchukova, Applied Mathematician
The Boeing Company
Alumni of UW Applied Mathematics Department

Jared Sisk

I'm located in Japan, where I work as an industrial engineering team leader for Boeing.  I enrolled in the online certificate program because I wished to build investment management skills that I could use immediately and better position myself for a career change into financial services.  I fully recommend the program, especially for those who wish to build new practical skills while testing the waters for an investment-related career or the MS degree.  The program pushed my quantitative cognitive abilities to the limits, the educators were fantastic, and the online medium for learning was surprisingly effective.  Recently, I was accepted into the Harvard MBA program, and I believe the certificate experience gives me a distinct advantage over other MBA students in my situation.


Jared Sisk, Harvard MBA Program

Joshua Paulson

The UW Computational Finance Certificate Program is the perfect blend of teaching programming skills with financial applications. Professors provide tangible, real-world examples and teach from personal industry experience. After learning the theoretical basis, I was able to jump right into pragmatically analyzing securities and stock portfolios to optimize return and mitigate risk exposure. We used the R programming language which provides both powerful and flexible analysis. You can take the R code from class and directly apply it to a professional environment. Additionally, online lectures allow you to work around your schedule, yet feel as if you are right inside the classroom due to the program's premium use of technology.  Thus I was able to continue working while helping advance my professional skills. I loved the R component and was amazed at the increase in my computational skills by the end of the courses. It was a worthwhile investment of my time and tuition fees. Thank you to the professors and coordinators for  thoughtfully designing this versatile and applicable program.


Joshua Paulson, Product Manager

Jude Aljoysir

Getting enrolled in the Computational Finance Certificate Program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The program has the comparative advantage of having excellent faculty, rich curriculum, cross-disciplinary perspectives, interactive learning culture and combination of theory and practice. Its online learning culture is organized, creative and makes the student feel like in a real classroom. In addition to recorded video lectures, there is a discussion board to interact with the professors, teaching assistants and students. Its interdisciplinary perspective has helped me to acquire advanced levels of competence and skills in the field and enabled me to unite economic, mathematical, statistical and R programming to analyze financial instruments and portfolios. No doubt, its excellence has convinced me to apply for the Actuarial Science Certificate Program next Fall. In short, my experience in the computational program has been trans-formative, and I highly encourage students to apply.


Jude Aljoysir
University of Edinburgh

Michael Ward

Coming from an engineering background, I wanted to expand my knowledge of investment and risk management methods in a non-Gaussian world to improve my performance at a proprietary trading firm. A coworker recommended I take the chance to learn from some highly respected names in the field and sign up for the Computational Finance and Risk Management Certificate Program at University of Washington.  I am so glad he did. The program has greatly expanded my knowledge of factor models, regression analytics, and risk management, and I use all three on a daily basis. The single biggest endorsement I can give to this program is that it paid for itself before I was done with the first class. The University of Washington Applied Mathematics Department’s new M.S. degree in Computational Finance and Risk Management would be a wonderful opportunity for any engineer looking to break into the financial world, or anyone with a finance degree looking to improve their computational abilities.


Michael Ward, Futures Trader
Cheiron Trading,

Ihor Yakymov

The Online Computational Finance program gave me a special opportunity to learn the mathematical and statistical foundations of financial instruments and portfolios.  The courses were taught by excellent professors who not only know the theoretical foundations in depth, but also work in the financial field and feel the subject from inside out.  The program was balanced very well in terms of topics and delivery. It was dynamic, interactive, and structured neatly and creatively.  It helped me to unite finance, math and programming that I use every day at my job. I am very grateful to the University of Washington for offering the program.

Ihor Yakymov, Software Application Developer

Braden Moore

The Computational Finance certificate program at the University of Washington was a fantastic experience for me.  I felt like I received a strong theoretical base of knowledge, along with plenty of applications relevant to industry work.   Within the first week of the first class I was using new techniques in my job researching financial issues for the federal government that I had learned in the class.  The professors bring a substantial amount of experience to the table as both academics and practitioners.  There is no doubt in my mind that earning the certificate has had a positive influence on my career.


Braden Moore, Research Assistant
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