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Box: 358049
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Fax: 206-221-5172
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HIPAA Awareness Emails

UW Medicine Compliance distributes regular education and awareness emails to assist UW Medicine workforce members to be in compliance with privacy and security practices.  Below is a quick reference of the emails distributed over the last year. 

If you do not receive HIPAA Awareness Emails in your email, please contact us to assist you on getting on the distribution list.

 Date Title
August 2011 Appropriate Access to Patient InformationHMail - Mar 2010
May 2011 How to Respond to Requests for Release of Patient InformationHMail - Mar 2010
April 2011 Encryption of Laptops and Other Mobile Devices Containing Confidential Information HMail - Mar 2010
February 2011 Guidance on Emailing Patient Information HMail - Mar 2010
February 2011 Statement Regarding King TV Story HMail - Mar 2010
April 2010 Auto-forwarding UW Email to External Email Systems Compromises UW Medicine Information and Is Not Allowed HMail - Mar 2010
March 2010 Patient Restriction Requests for Out of Pocket Services HMail - Mar 2010
January 2010 Appropriate Access to Patient Information HMail-Jan 2010
November 2009 Sharing Patient Information With Family, Friends or Others Who Accompany Individuals to Their Health Care Visits HMail-Nov 2009
October 2009 UW Medicine's Notification Requirements for Inappropriate Access to Patient Information HMail-Oct 2009
June 2009 Use of Patient Information for Health Care Operations
April 2009 Enhancing the Protection of Patient Information
March 2009 The "FAX" About HIPAA
January 2009 Disclosing Patient Information to a Patient's Family, Friends, Or Others Involved In The Patient's Care
December 2008 What Is a Security Incident?
August 2008 Verification of Identity
June 2008 Is My Access to Medical Records Information Audited?
May 2008 Don't Share Your UW Medicine Passwords
April 2008 Documentation Requirements for Disclosure of Patient Information
Displaying Patient Information in Patient Care Areas
March 2008 Use of Patient Information for Appointment Reminders and Telephone Messages
October 2007 27 Hospital Employees Suspended for Inappropriate Medical Record Access
September 2007 What are Healthcare Operations?
Research Participant's Right of Access to Research Records or Results
August 2007 Patients Have a Right to Receive an Accounting of Disclosures of Their Information
Q&A Releasing PHI to Law Enforcement
June 2007 Connect the Dots - Privacy and Access
May 2007 What are the Patient Privacy Rights?
Use & Disclosure of Protected Health Information
April 2007 In honor or Health Information Privacy and Security Week:
Monday: HIPSWeek Announcement
Wednesday: Casual Conversations & PHI
Friday: Protecting Security Information Systems
February 2007 Best Practices for Sending PHI or Sensitive Information Via Email
Q & A About UW Medicine Email
January 2007 Protecting Information on Flash Drives
December 2006 Improvements to Password Changing
A Good Step to Protect Your Laptop
November 2006 Protect Information and Yourself by Safeguarding Your Password
Questions about the UW Medicine Email Standard
October 2006 May I Access my Medical Records? My Family's? My Co-Worker's?
Corrective Actions for Inappropriate Accesses
September 2006 Clear It or Secure It
August 2006 Keeping Information Private When You Are in Public
July 2006 Reporting IT Events, Incidents and/or Malfunctions
Deciding Which Email Messages to Trust
June 2006 Are You Taking Patient Information Off-site?
May 2006 Privacy & Confidentiality Reminder
Mar 2006 Reporting a Security Incident
Jan 2006 Amendment Requests for all Clinical Workforce
Important HIPAA Audit Information for all Clinical Workforce
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