UW Medicine Compliance

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 Compliance Reporting Helpline and Organizational Chart

Compliance Hotline (Anonymous)
206.616.5248 (local) or 866.964.7744 (toll free)

Organizational Chart


Contact email: comply@uw.edu
Training questions: trgcomp@uw.edu

Office of the UW Medicine Chief Compliance Officer

Sue Clausen
Chief Compliance Officer, UW Medicine
UW Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs
UW Privacy Official- 206.543.3098

UW Medicine Organizational Chart

UW Medicine Compliance Administration

Main Office Switchboard
206.543.3098 (local) or 855.211.6193 (toll free)

Lisa Westlund
Compliance Officer, UW Medicine – 206.543.3098

Bekki Sanchez
Assistant Compliance Officer – 206.685.9577
Program Integrity

Wendy Jakobsen
Assistant Compliance Officer- 206.685.0981
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Prevention

Robert Gross
Assistant Compliance Officer- 206.685.0981
HIPAA Compliance

UW Medicine Compliance

Alfred-Sanford, Jeffrey, Compliance Operations Support Services
Administrative Specialist – 206.543.0300

Blake, Tove, Compliance Operations Support Services
Business & Administration Manager- 206.543.4332

Brazil, Isiah, Program Integrity
Education, Training & Outreach Analyst – 206.685.0120

Cameron, Emily, HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance Specialist – 206.685.5139

Campbell, Robert, Program Integrity
Computer Application Developer – 206.543.9426

Castillo, Anne, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.685.0308

Cho, Stephanie, Program Integrity
Regulatory Reporting Analyst – 206.221.3220

Coronel, Cynthia, External Reviews
Senior Compliance Specialist – 206.543.2747

Dortero, John, Compliance COI/Ethics
Compliance Specialist – 206.685.8670

Dringova, Penka, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.616.9706

Galarza, Julio, Program Integrity
Education, Training & Outreach, Program Manager – 206.543.9012

Gay, Elizabeth, HIPAA Compliance
Compliance Analyst – 206.616.6164

Gerber, Lisa, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Manager – 206.221.4569

Gribben, Isaac, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Specialist- 206.685.8838

Henriquez, Roxana, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.616.8015

Huggett, Karen, HIPAA Compliance
Senior Compliance Specialist – 206.685.1497

Jellison, Stephanie, HIPAA Compliance
Senior Compliance Specialist – 206.616.0639

Kranz, Karen, Program Integrity
Information Management Manager – 206.221.6167

Lepage, Karen, Billing Compliance
Compliance Analyst – 206.543.4742

Mazumdar, Tania, Program Integrity
Regulatory Reporting Manager – 206.685.6294

McNamara, Laura, Program Integrity
Education, Training & Outreach Assistant Director – 206.616.7727

Murphy, Eileen, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.543.9003

Nash-Cordova, Paula, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.221.3318

Oskolkoff, Ruth, Compliance Operations Support Services
Administrative Specialist – 206.685.7333

Reyes, Angela, Program Integrity
Information Management Analyst – 206.685.9917

Sanchez, Lenny, HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance Specialist – 206.685.4630

Schwilke, Brenda, External Reviews
Senior Compliance Specialist – 206.543.0685

Smith, Jessica, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.685.4239

Snider, John, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.685.5066

Taylor, Lupita, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.221.8570

Ungureanu, Lina, Billing Compliance
Billing Compliance Analyst – 206.221.6166

Yoon, Elaine, Compliance Operations Support Services
Administrative Specialist – 206.685.2168