UW Medicine Compliance

Required Compliance Training

All members of UW Medicine must be trained on a variety of topics to understand their responsibility related to protecting the confidentiality and security of protected health information and preventing fraud, waste and abuse.

Contact your Supervisor, Department Director/Administrator or UW Medicine Compliance at trgcomp@uw.edu for questions or additional information.

What compliance training am I required to take?

Select your UW Medicine Workforce member type to learn more about required compliance-related training at onboarding, annually, and ad hoc.

How do I take training?

UW Medicine workforce are scheduled automatically in the UW Medicine LMS or VMC Percipio LMS. If you are a UW Medicine workforce member and are unable to access training via one of these LMS portals contact us at trgcomp@uw.edu.

Physician and Non-Physician Providers
Residents / Fellows/ Senior Fellows
Visiting Scholars
Temporary Workforce Members