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Charitable Fundraising – FAQs

Fundraising for the benefit of the University of Washington (UW) and/or UW Medicine entities may be conducted by, or with the approval of, UW or UW Medicine Advancement Offices and, in accordance with the UW Medicine Fundraising Policy. Such activities are considered fundraising for our own benefit, and are not subject to the limitations below.

For state employees, the annual Combined Fund Drive (CFD) and the UW Employee Giving Campaign are specifically authorized by state law and the Washington Administrative code. Activities assigned to an employee by a supervisor, manager or department chair for the purpose of supporting these initiatives are considered part of official job duties. State employees designated to serve as their department’s representative for the annual CFD may do so without restriction on use of institutional resources.

UW Medicine is proud of the spirit of giving and philanthropic efforts of its workforce members. These FAQs are intended to help you navigate the applicable laws, policies and rules governing the following fundraising activities for outside entities done while at work, or that use institutional resources

  • Selling or promoting the sale of fundraising merchandise or products (for example: Girl Scout cookies, Cub Scout popcorn, entertainment books, etc.)
  • Soliciting sponsors for a charitable walk/run/event
  • Supporting relief agencies during disasters
  • Asking people to donate to a charity
  • Posting signs or notices about a charity or a charitable event
  • Collecting cash, checks or other items on behalf of a charity
What charitable fundraising activities are ALLOWED at work?
What charitable fundraising activities are NOT ALLOWED at work?
What guidelines should I follow if I want to sell Girl Scout Cookies, Cub Scout Popcorn, or other types of outside organization fundraising items to my co-workers?
I want to ask my co-workers to sponsor me in an event. If UW Medicine is a named sponsor of this event, does that make it any different?
I am a manager. Are there any considerations I need to know?
Can I use my work email account to send my co-workers an invitation to sponsor my participation in a charity run?
Can we hold a raffle to raise funds for a charity?
What are some alternatives to charitable fundraising at work?
I have an opportunity to support an outside organization and I think my department should enter into a Strategic Marketing Sponsorship. How should I go about getting approvals?
If my question is not answered by these FAQs, who can I go to if I have more questions about charitable fundraising at work?



Charitable Fundraising FAQ


[1] Department head is a generic term used in this document that refers to the individual who is in charge of a given department, office or unit.