UW Medicine Compliance

Gambling, Door Prizes, Raffles and Drawings – FAQs

The following FAQs are intended to help UW Medicine workforce members, including faculty, trainees and staff, navigate the applicable laws, policies and rules governing gaming activities. Certain activities such as gambling or wagering are incompatible with the proper discharge of your duties at UW Medicine and are therefore prohibited in the workplace.

Other activities, such as raffles, drawings and door prize drawings are prohibited in the workplace unless specifically authorized by your entity’s senior leadership. Entity resources cannot be used for these activities unless approved by your entity’s senior leadership. Prizes won while attending conferences and other events are the property of your entity.

If you have a question about whether a particular activity is prohibited, consult with your department chair, director, supervisor or manager before undertaking such an activity.

Are you saying that sports and other betting pools are prohibited in the workplace?
Can employees ever pool their funds at work where the participants can vie for the money as a prize?
Can I go to the drugstore and buy a lottery ticket on my lunch break?
Can several of us pool our funds to send someone out to buy lottery tickets?
I went to a conference paid for by work. Each attendee was automatically eligible to win a door prize and I won a tablet PC donated by a vendor. Can I personally keep it?
What if I had paid my own way to the same conference, including travel, lodging and conference registration fees and had gone on my vacation time? Could I keep the door prize?
I bought a raffle ticket at work to participate in a drawing that benefitted my entity. Is this permitted?
A vendor, company or entity wants to present on-site and they have a door prize to give away. Is this permitted?
Can we organize a raffle in our department and give half the proceeds to our entity and half to a lucky winner?
If a vendor or outside entity gives UW Medicine a gift — can it be utilized for employee morale?
Can I keep the Frequent Flyer miles that I accrued while traveling on work business?



Gambling, Door Prizes, Raffles and Drawings FAQs