UW Medicine Compliance

Outside Work – FAQs

The following FAQs are intended to help UW Medicine workforce members including faculty, non-faculty healthcare professionals, trainees and staff navigate the applicable laws, policies and rules governing outside work/consulting.

UW Medicine recognizes that you may have an interest in engaging in work outside of your official duties. At the same time outside employment should not adversely impact your independence and objectivity in making decisions, or detract from the performance of your official duties.

UW Medicine is composed of eight component entities1. Each UW Medicine entity is governed by laws that pertain uniquely to the entity’s legal status. Generally speaking, the laws and policies that apply to the outside work of each UW Medicine employee will depend on the laws and policies applicable to that employee’s employer.

Although you must comply with policies and laws unique to the legal status of your employer, the following principles apply to all UW Medicine employees, regardless of the employing entity.


A. You must not use your official position for private or personal benefit.

B. You must never disclose confidential UW Medicine information acquired in the course of your official duties to another person or entity for which you perform outside work

C. Institutional resources such as facilities, computers and equipment may not be used to conduct or promote outside work.*

The following questions are frequently asked. If you have additional questions about outside work, consult your department chair, director, or hospital/clinic/lab supervisor or manager.

Why does UW Medicine care whether I engage in outside work?
What are the requirements for outside work?
Is any outside work prohibited?
As a UW School of Medicine faculty member, I have specific questions about what I may and may not do as outside work. Where can I find more information?

1 Harborview Medical Center, Northwest Hospital and Medical Center, Valley Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics, UW Physicians (UWP), UW School of Medicine (UW SoM), and the Airlift Northwest.

2 UW School of Medicine faculty who are paid by the University of Washington or paid directly by a close affiliate (for example, UWP, Children’s University Medical Group, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Puget Sound Blood Bank, or the Veterans Health Administration) and deployed at a non-UW site must follow the UW SoM Conflicts of Interest policies or the Conflicts of Interest policies of the site to which they are deployed, whichever are more restrictive.



Outside Work