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Sponsored Travel – FAQs

The following FAQs are intended to help UW Medicine workforce members, including UW faculty, non-UW faculty healthcare professionals and staff navigate the applicable laws, policies and rules governing sponsored travel. Because UW Medicine entities have different requirements for sponsored travel, you should always consult entity-specific policies, and seek approval from your department chair, director, supervisor or manager as applicable.  See the bottom of this page for references.

What is meant by 'sponsored travel'?

When is sponsored travel permissible?
When is sponsored travel problematic and why?
I’ve been invited to speak at my non-profit professional association’s upcoming meeting. Can I accept their offer of airfare, registration fees, accommodations and meals if I am speaking or delivering a paper at the meeting?
A commercial entity wants to pay for my travel to attend their annual executive summit, a two-day event at their private resort in California. I’ll have a chance to network and meet colleagues from around the nation. Can I accept their offer?
My department’s budget is a little thin and a vendor has offered to make up the difference by paying for my travel to their annual meeting, no charge. Can I accept the offer?
A non-profit association related to the work I do for UW Medicine has invited me to be the keynote speaker at their annual meeting. They will pay all transportation, accommodation and reasonable meal costs. Can I accept their offer?
A commercial entity is the main sponsor of my professional association’s national meeting. The meeting organizers have asked me to participate in a panel discussion and they will cover my airfare, hotel, registration fees and meals for the conference. Can I accept this support knowing that a commercial entity has sponsored the conference?
Is there anything we can do when a commercial entity offers to pay for travel, such as travel to educational programs?



Sponsored Travel