UW Medicine Compliance

Use of Institutional Resources- FAQs

The following FAQs are intended to help UW Medicine workforce members, including faculty, trainees, and staff navigate the applicable laws, policies and rules governing use of institutional resources.

UW Medicine resources, with limited exceptions identified below, should only be used for work related purposes.(University researchers, including faculty and staff, have additional guidelines as detailed in University of Washington Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 47.2). You may not use institutional resources for your own personal benefit or gain, or for the benefit or gain of another, and you should refrain from any use of institutional resources in any manner that could give the appearance of any impropriety.

If you have any questions about whether a particular use is prohibited, consult your chair, department director, or hospital, clinic, or lab supervisor or manager before undertaking such a use.

What are institutional resources?
What activities or uses are prohibited?
Can I use resources such as my workspace or work email for charitable fundraising?
I thought certain uses were permissible if they are brief and infrequent. Is this true?
Can you give some examples of use of institutional resources that would qualify as acceptable?



Use of Institutional Resources