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Box: 358049
Seattle, WA 98195-8049
Fax: 206-221-5172

Box: 358049
Seattle, WA 98195-8049
Fax: 206-221-5172
Web: depts.washington.edu/comply/

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Policies & Procedures
   Identity Theft Prevention Program
   Information Security Policies
   Privacy Policies
   Research Policies

Compliance Programs
   Clinical Billing
   Education & Outreach
     Accounting of Disclosures
     Awareness Emails
     Business Associates
     Emailing Patient Information
     Notices of Privacy Practices
     Online Training FAQs
     Release of Information
       Department Toolkit
       Inventory Toolkit
       SOSO Toolkit
     HIPAA Intranet
   Safety & Security

Training Programs
   Completion Reports
   Corporate Compliance Training
   Faculty Effort Certification [FEC] Training
   HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training
   HIPAA Online Training FAQs
   System Owner System Operator Training

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