Fee Schedule


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Test Name Test Code Price Unit
HIC Immunohistochemistry Cost Center
IHC <20 hic01 $32.40 Slide
IHC >20 hic02 $26.89 30 min
IHC BioTech hic03 $42.69 30 min
IHC Unassist hic04 $20.95 30 min
HIC Imaging Cost Center
Imaging-Nanozoomer hic05 $47.94 Hour
Imaging-Nanozoomer (BioTech) hic06 $62.32 Hour
Imaging-Deltavision Core hic07 $42.97 Hour
Imaging-Deltavision Core (BioTech) hic08 $55.87 Hour
Imaging-Nikon 90i hic09 $16.99 Hour
Imaging-Nikon 90i (BioTech) hic10 $22.09 Hour
Imaging-Visiopharm hic11 $19.84 Hour
Imaging-Visiopharm (BioTech) hic12 $25.79 Hour
Imaging-Network ImagePath hic13 $238.05 Year
Routine Histology Cost Center
Cassette Printing hic14 $1.10 Cassette
Cassette Printing/unassisted hic15 $0.40 Cassette
Cassette Printing Biotech hic16 $1.44 Cassette
Routine H&E Slide hic17 $14.64 Block
Routine H&E Slide w/Decal hic18 $19.48 Block
Routine H&E Slide Unassist hic19 $6.05 Block
Routine H&E Slide Unassist with Decal hic20 $10.90 Block
Routine H&E Slide Biotech hic21 $19.03 Block
Tissue Processing hic22 $11.34 Block
Tissue Processing w/Decal hic23 $16.93 Block
Tissue Processing Unassist hic24 $4.74 Block
Tissue Processing Biotech hic25 $14.74 Block
Paraffin Sectioning hic26 $8.03 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning - (+) hic27 $8.66 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning Unassist non-charged hic28 $0.52 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning Unassist charged hic29 $1.15 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning Biotech non-charged hic30 $10.44 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning Biotech charged hic31 $11.25 Slide
Cryo Sectioning hic32 $8.66 Slide
Stain H&E hic33 $9.73 Slide
Stain H&E Unassisted hic34 $1.31 Slide
Stain H&E Biotech hic35 $12.65 Slide
Special Stain hic36 $15.89 Slide
HIC Labor
HIC Tech Labor - BJ hic37 $42.43 30 min
HIC Tech Labor hic43 $24.77 30 min
HIC Tech Labor Biotech hic38 $55.16 30 min
HIC Pathologist Consult hic39 21.96 15 min
HIC Miscellaneous
Slide Box 50 hic40 $16.39 Each
Slide Box 100 hic41 $26.32 Each
Formalin/Decal Disposal Fee hic42 $3.77 480 ml
DCM Administrative Rates 2012 to 2013


  1. Services and supplies provided to outside institutions (commercial and not-for-profit) are subject to an additional 18.6% University indirect cost charge.
  2. All rates are subject to change pending final administration review.
  3. Pathologist consultation fee structure is variable depending on level of collaboration and service, please contact the lab for details.