Histology Services

Prior to obtaining your tissue samples please consult with the HIC staff, brianj18@uw.edu (206-685-6517), to establish protocols for trimming, fixation, and embedding.  A brief consult with our staff will allow us to provide you with the best possible service.

Services include:

We recommend fixation of tissue samples for 24 - 48hours (depending on size) in formalin.  After this initial fixation, transfer the specimens to 70% ETOH.  We prefer to receive samples in 70% ETOH and this is the recommended reagent to hold specimens in while awaiting processing and embedding.  Samples received in formalin will incur a formalin disposal charge.

The HIC staff is available to trim tissue samples, however for maximum fixation efficiency we recommend this be done by the investigator. 

Please complete a work order and email to brianj18@uw.edu, prior to submitting your samples. (link to Forms page)

Typical workflow for samples brought into the HIC: