Department of Comparative Medicine

University of Washington

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Importance of Fixation in Immunohistochemistry
A. Berod, B.K. Hartman, and J.F. Pujol
7 pages

Specificity Controls for Immunocytochemical Methods
Richard W. Burry
3 pages

State of the Art in Antigen Retrieval for Immunohistochemistry
Fabio D'Amico, Evangelia Skarmoutsou, Franca Stivala
18 pages

Improved Detection of Apoptotic Cells in Archival Paraffin Sections: Immunohistochemistry Using Antibodies to Cleaved Caspase 3
Allen M. Gown and Mark C. Willingham
6 pages

Unmasking the Mysteries of Antigen or Epitope Retrieval and Formalin Fixation
Allen M. Gown, MD
3 pages

Computerized Image Analysis as a Tool to Quantify Infiltrating Leukocytes: A Comparison Between Highand Low-magnification Images
Anna C. Johansson, Edward Visse, Bengt Widegren, Hans-Olov Sjögren, and Peter Siesjö
7 pages

Formaldehyde, formalin, paraformaldehyde and glutaraldehyde: What they are and what they do.
John A. Kiernan
7 pages

The Antigen–Antibody Reaction in Immunohistochemistry
Claudio Montero
4 pages

Lack of Specificity of Commercially Available Antisera: Better Specifications Needed
Wisuit Pradidarcheep, Wil T. Labruyère, Noshir F. Dabhoiwala, and Wouter H. Lamers
13 pages