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Requesting a Budget Change

Split Fund Budget Changes

To change a budget distribution for a split fund budget, please send an email to Animal Billing with the new distributions by percentage.

Current And Future Budget Changes

Animal billing should be informed of any budget changes before the billing period is closed which is completed during the last week of every month. Please review the budget change training.

Budget adjustments will be completed if Animal Billing makes erroneous charges.

Already Billed (Past) Budget Changes

If the lab wants to do a budget change or adjustment for past billings, they will need to contact the appropriate fiscal person in their department for this request to be completed.

1) Per Diem

It is the lab’s responsibility to perform the following process for requesting a budget change for per diems.

  1. Submit a request via the online form.
    Follow the instructions on the form. A copy of the request is sent to the requestor’s email.
  2. Wait for approval.
    An email is sent by Animal Billing with approval to change the budget.
  3. Change existing cage cards.
    Once approval is received, it is the lab responsibility to pick up the ½” x ¾” labels provided for you by the Facility Supervisors. Write clearly the budget number on the labels and place on cage cards over the old budget #. Make sure no other information on the card is covered.
  4. Update per diem sheets.
    Write in the ‘out’ column the number of cages being removed from the original per diem with the date of the change. (i.e. If the change is effective on 12/17 mark the cages ‘out’ for 12/16)
    Write in the ‘in’ column the number of cages being added to the new per diem with the next day’s date of the change. (i.e. If the change is effective on 12/17 mark the cages ‘in’ for 12/17)
    Write in the ‘comments’ column ‘Budget Change’.

    If the new budget does not have a per diem sheet, the Facility Supervisor will start a new per diem sheet by copying the information from the old per diem sheet. The new per diem sheet will be added to the per diem clip board in the animal room.  A copy of the budget change approval form will be attached, do not remove this copy.

    **NOTE** The effective date is very important.
    If the budget ends on 12/17, mark it ‘out’ on 12/17 on the old per diem sheet, and ‘in’ on 12/18 on the new per diem sheet. This is so you do not get duplicate billed on the same day.

How to have accurate billing for per diems; the PI or lab staff should write the movements (ins and outs) of the animal cages on the corresponding per diem sheet in the room; due to the fact that DCM Animal Technicians do not count cages on the weekends. If the PI and lab staff records the movement of the animals then the animal technicians will only verify those numbers and the PI would not be charged for the weekend housing of the animals.

If animals taken out on the weekends are not recorded on the per diem sheet the animal technicians would then record it on Mondays; which means the PI is paying for these animals through the weekend even if the animals were already taken out because of no recording. Also, animal technicians may have counted the cages on Friday morning and then animals are taken out in the afternoon by the lab staff and not recorded. So, animal technicians wouldn’t know when animals were removed if it was not recorded on the per diem sheet, so again it would be recorded on Monday. This means the PI would still be charged for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, because animal technicians do not count on the weekends. This will cause PI records and our per diem sheets not to match, but our per diem sheet is the basis for your animal billing charges.

2) Animal Order

To change a budget for an animal order that has not been delivered yet please contact Animal Purchasing at and CC Animal Billing. Please provide the Comp Med Order # that was provided to you by email in response to your animal order with the requested budget change.

3) Animal Service

To change a budget for any services, please contact the respective people via email and CC Animal Billing.

Rodent Colony Management Ruby Mangalindan P 616-7215 / 616-9984
F 221-5673
Diagnostic Lab Exam Kerrie Allen P 685-3040
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Transgenic Services Bob Hunter P 685-3962
F 685-3006
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