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January 12th, 2012
Please read the letter regarding new per diems for centralized and decentralized facilities. Thank you.

Split Fund Budgets (SF-XXXX)

A Split Fund Budget is a dummy budget that is used to charge multiple budgets at the same time and is distributed by percentages.

To set up a split fund budget, please complete and submit the Request to Setup a Split Fund Budget.

Lan Tran
Animal Billing
Pamela Nazari
Budget/Fiscal Unit Supervisor

Split Fund Budget Changes (SF-XXXX)

If labs would like to change or add budgets under a Split Fund, there is no need for a Budget Transfer Request because the budget number (SF-XXXX) is still being used on the order. Send an email to Animal Billing concerning the Split Fund budgets; provide the new budgets, the percentage sharing and the change needs to be in the current billing month so the Split Fund budget will be updated in our system for that month.

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