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Fee Schedule

Please contact us regarding your specific needs so we can discuss costs on an individual basis. All rates are calculated on a cost recovery basis so are subject to change. The costs may be partially subsidized for Consortium members depending on Consortium grant support.  Flexible funding options are possible for large projects.

In general, the CCXR will provide three levels of service. The first level will be the collection and distribution of human tumor fragments from NSG mice.  Technical time, e.g., tissue collection, will be billed at an hourly rate of $59.39, and a $25 acquisition fee will be charged.

The second level will be the provision of NSG mice with palpable tumors of a specific human type. The cost will be $283.82 per mouse based on a set of 24 mice (prices may vary depending on purchase of smaller or larger numbers).

The third level will be the in-house administration of an approved treatment protocol by CCXR staff.  Mouse costs will be the same as above. Technical time, such as drug administration and tumor monitoring, will be billed at an hourly rate of $59.39. Mouse cage costs for protocols administered by CCXR staff will be billed at the going rate, currently $1.40 per day. A hypothetical example would be a protocol designed to obtain preliminary data on the response of a specific type of cancer to a specific drug, with a minimum of 12 mice treated with the drug and 12 mice treated with placebo. The mice would have third passage tumor tissue so the human stromal cell micro-environment would still be intact. Treatment for thirty days would require approximately 30 hours of technical time. The total cost would be close to $8,300, which is relatively inexpensive compared to the costs of doing the same thing in a human clinical trial. In addition, human tumor tissue would be available from each mouse for genomic, biochemical and histological investigation.

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