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Requesting Specimens From The CCXR

Investigators wishing to access xenografts in the CCXR will need to complete the Specimen and Data Use form and return it to the Oversight Committee (OC). The forms will be reviewed to ensure the request fulfills the following requirements:

After review, the investigator will be notified by email or phone of approval or rejection.  Any data maintained by Jackson which characterizes the xenograft will be maintained by Jackson on its web site, which will be accessible to any investigator.

The decision to expand the tumor collection by engrafting additional mice will be made by a representative group of the OC, which would include the head of the mouse engraftment laboratory cost center in the Department of Comparative Medicine (Dr. Ladiges). The decision will be based on a specific request by a Cancer Consortium investigator, and approved according to availability and scientific criteria established by the OC. An additional requirement will be an approved IACUC protocol.

Seattle Cancer Consortium Partner Institutions:

Seattle Children's .