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Human Tissue Samples Available

The following cancer types may be available:

Solid Tumor Type Hematologic
Appendix Kidney
Bladder Liver
Brain(adult and pediatric) Lung
Breast Ovary
Colorectal Pancreas
Endometrial Sarcoma
Gastric/GIST Skin
Head and Neck  

The CCXR will be working with the NWBioTrust (NWBT) to obtain samples from which xenografts will be created for the repository. The NWBT works with repositories throughout the Cancer Consortium to coordinate solid tumor specimen acquisition and distribution efforts in conjunction with the UWMC Depts. of Surgery and Pathology, and in accordance with all applicable human subjects rules and regulations.

The Jackson Laboratory collects human tumor specimens and de-identified patient data for each specimen from numerous universities in the United States, including the University of Washington. The specimens are then engrafted on live mice or stored as tumor fragments. All of the CCXR xenograft and tumor fragment samples will have been sent to the CCXR by the Jackson Laboratory. Some of these samples will have been derived from tumor samples obtained at universities around the country and some of these samples will have been derived from tumor samples obtained at UW. The mice and tumor fragments currently available from The Jackson Laboratory can be seen on their website.

Seattle Cancer Consortium Partner Institutions:

Seattle Children's .