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Melvin B. Dennis Jr., D.V.M.
Professor Emeritus, Diplomate, ACLAM

Department of Comparative Medicine
School of Medicine
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

P: 685-1216
F: 685-3006

Dr. Dennis is a diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM). His research interests have centered on the development of implanted vascular catheters for long-term blood access, sepsis associated with implanted catheters, and development of animal models of human diseases. He developed a model of uremia in sheep, studied rejection of transplanted kidneys in dogs, devised a model of bleeding gastric ulcers used to develop methods for hemostasis deliverable by endoscopy, and developed models of sepsis associated with percutaneous implants, using sheep and rabbits. In 1994-95, Dr. Dennis spent one year at the NIH, as Acting Director of the intramural Veterinary Resources Program. Upon his return to the UW, he became the Chair of the Department of Comparative Medicine, a position he held from July, 1995, until August, 2004. He is the UW Attending Veterinarian. He has been active on the UW Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and has participated in numerous programs for education of IACUC members. He has an interest in the ethics of the use of animals in research, teaching, and testing. He has published on the use of alternatives to animals in teaching and the establishment of humane endpoints for genetically modified animals.

Dr. Dennis has been a member of AVMA since 1961. He is a member of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) and serves as Chair of its International Relations Advisory Council. He is also the AALAS delegate to the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS). He serves on the ICLAS Governing Board and is Co-Chair of its Americas Regional Committee. Dr. Dennis is a Past President of the Academy of Surgical Research. He is a member of Scientists Center for Animal Welfare (SCAW). He is on the Board of Directors for the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research.

Selected Publications

Dennis MB Jr: Welfare issues of genetically modified animals. ILAR J, 43(2):100-110, 2002.

Perret-Gentil MI, Sinanan MN, Dennis MB Jr, Anderson DM, Pasieka HB, Weyhrich JT, Birkebak TA: Videoendoscopic techniques for collection of multiple, serial intra-abdominal biopsy specimens in HIV-negative and HIV-positive pigtail macaques (Macaca nemestrina). J Invest Surg 13:181-195, 2000.

Dennis MB Jr: Humane endpoints for genetically engineered animal models. ILAR J, 41(2):35-39, 2000.

Dennis MB Jr: Alternative training methods II: Incorporating inanimate surgical models. Lab Animal, 28(5):32-36, 1999.

Dennis MB Jr: IACUC Review of Genetic Engineering Protocols. IN: Genetic Engineering and Animal Welfare: Preparing for the 21st Century. Whitney RA (ed). Scientists Center for Animal Welfare, Greenbelt, MD, 1999, pp 20-31.

Dennis MB Jr: Protection of Research Animals. IN: Handbook of Biomaterials Evaluation, second edition. vonRecum AF (ed) Taylor & Francis, Washington, 1998, pp 465-473.

Department of Comparative Medicine
Magnuson Health Sciences Building
Rooms I-402 to I-472, Box # 357340
Seattle, Washington 98195-7340
phone: (206) 543-8047
fax: (206) 685-3006

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