Geropathology Research Network



Geropathology is the study of aging and age related diseases in the form of whole  necropsies/autopsies, surgical biopsies, histology, and molecular biomarkers, and as such, is a subspecialty of geriatrics, anatomic pathology, molecular pathology, and gerontology. The Geropathology Research Network has been established with a grant from the National Institute of Aging to enhance the translational value of geropathology for preclinical research studies in anti-aging clinical trials.

geroOur network consists of an interdisciplinary team of pathologists and scientists with expertise in the comparative pathology of aging, research study design of aging studies, biostatistical methods of correlating aging data, and bioinformatics for compiling and annotating large sets of data generated from aging studies. 

 The primary goal of the Geropathology Research Network is to increase the scope of consistency and communication in the pathologic assessment of tissues from old mice, other preclinical animal models, and humans involved in aging studies.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Anthony Cho by email or by phone: 206-221-3076.