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The Oxymax Lab Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS) constructed by Columbus Instruments, Columbus, OH, is a non-invasive apparatus used to simultaneously measure total energy expenditure, food and water intake, and physical activity in a mouse. The main feature of the system is indirect open-circuit Calorimetry.   The experimental mice are placed individually in specially designed cages which measure a number of biological variables.  Total caloric expenditure will be estimated by monitoring the rate of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.  Food and water consumption is measured by determining the mass of food removed from a container that resides on a precision balance, and the volume of water consumed from a sipper tube connected within the chamber.

The caging units consist of clear, solid plexiglass boxes padded with paper for bedding. The cage sizes are similar to standard cage units, less 1 cm in width. Each mouse is housed individually for 48 hours.  The system also allows connection to additional equipment including an activity monitor and water/food monitors.  Air flow into each cage chamber has been standardized under STP conditions at 760 mm Hg.  Animals will eat pulverized food from the feeder, and drink water from a sipper tube for the duration of the study.