Mobility (Open Field Activity)


The Photobeam Activity System (San Diego Instruments, San Diego, CA) is used to monitor mobility.  This system records activity as a sum of photobeam breaks set in a 4x7 grid within a set period over a defined period of time.  The current system is configured to accommodate one cage per session and is comprised of a lower, mobility grid and an upper, rearing activity grid.  Both nocturnal and daylight activity can be assessed as the number of ambulations per hour.  However, we have found a simple 5 minute activity paradigm can distinguish genotypes of mice at older ages.  Mobility is therefore assessed for a five-minute period on three consecutive test days.  All data is recorded by San Diego Instruments Software, and can be exported to Microsoft Excel of Access databases.

Phase length
Fine (partial) beam breaks versus actual (complete) beam breaks
Running 2 mice simultaneously on only the mobility grid, OR 1 mouse on both mobility and rearing activity grids
Running 1 mouse up to 24 continuous hours.

Video Footage