Voluntary Wheel Running
Available only to collaborators by arrangement

Assessing levels of muscular function can be achieved through Running Wheels (Med Associates, St. Albans, VT).   A characteristic of all animals as they age is the decline in muscle function as shown by a decline in strength and muscle mass. The decline in muscle mass/function plays a major role in the animal’s quality‐of‐life because of its effect on balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance, all of which decline with age (Roubenoff and Hughes 2000).  The ability to maintain neuromuscular performance is an important component of healthspan in aging.

The IVS can run up to 60 mice per session on 60 individual, low-profile running wheels.   Each running wheels is equipment with a wireless transmitter which is monitored by an activity hub.  The activity hub is connected via a USB cable to a laptop computer which runs and records a wheel manager program specific to Med Associates.   A wheel analysis program is later used to chart and analyze the data recorded.  Individual wheel hubs can be locked or unlocked at certain times and for certain durations according to the aims of the individual study

Locking and unlocking the running wheels hubs

Extended session length for longer running experiments.