SLU 3.1 Animal Move

Move Schedule

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PI Move Date New Room Number Moving From
Van Voorhis Pending E088B-ABSL2- E088C-reg rm Foege
Shankland Completed E081-reg rm Foege
Nelson Completed E081-reg rm Foege
Buckner Completed E088B-ABSL2-E026-reg rm Foege
Van Gelder Completed E020-reg rat rm-E023-reg mse rm-E021-lt cycle rm Foege
Ledbetter Completed E025-reg rm Foege
Shen 5/29/2013 E088C-reg rm-E088B-ABSL2 Foege
Hurley Completed E085C-reg mse rm-E020-reg rat rm-E021-lt/dk rm- Foege
Fink 06/21/13 E085D-reg rm-E029-Helico free-E088B-ABSL2 K-Wing/T-Wing/Foege
Bevan 6/18/2013 E083-reg room-E088C-ABSL2-E088A-ABSL2 w 3 Foege/K-Wing
Stetson Completed E085A-reg rm Foege
Elkon Completed E088A-ABSL2-E026-reg rm Foege
Alpers Completed E081-reg rm T-Wing
Hughes Completed E085B-reg rm-E088A-ABSL2 T-Wing
Neitz Completed E084-lighting T-Wing
Greenberg 6/27/13 E027-reg rm-E088B-ABSL2 K-Wing/T-Wing
Goverman Completed E024-reg rm-E029-helico free-E088B-ABSL2 K-Wing
Smith Completed E085C-reg rm-E088B-ABSL2 K-Wing
Clark Completed E088A-ABSL2 w 3-E088B-ABSL2-E085B-reg rm K-Wing/T-Wing
Pepper Completed E082-reg rm K-Wing
Gale 6/25/2013 E025-reg rm K-Wing
Wienmann Postponed E085C-reg rm K-Wing
Chao pending E025-reg rm-E088B-ABSL 2 no current census
Brockerhoff pending E025-reg rm no current census
Oberst 6/12/2013 E085A-reg rm-E088B-ABSL2 no current census
Koelle Pending E088C-reg rm-E088B-ABSL2 Brotman

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When Will the Animals Move?
We will do our best to move your animals as close to your lab move-in date as possible.
Keep in mind that moving the animals is dependent on the animal facility being fully functional.  Brand new facilities require ‘breaking in’ so to speak.  We need to make sure that every piece of equipment (autoclaves, rack washers, biosafety cabinets, animal transfer stations, HVAC systems, etc.) are all working correctly.
How Will the Animals Move?
The physical move-in of your animals is done by the DCM truck and driver only. 
We will contact your lab individually to set up your move dates.
How should I Prepare the ANIMALS for the MOVE?
We encourage you to take this time for culling animals before your move.
We strongly suggest leaving some of your animals in your current housing facility in the beginning as well as any newborn pups or imminently ready to deliver ‘moms.’
We will provide ‘GREEN’ index cards to mark the cages you wish to be moved. 
You will be instructed to place these cards on the cages that need to be moved, a few days before your move.
How do I get access to the new facility?
The requirements for gaining access are as follows.  You must be on a current, approved protocol; you must have up-to-date training on Laws & Regulations as well as SPF training. 
Additionally, you must have completed the SLU 3.1 animal facility orientation.  Contact the training office, or 206-221-7709, to register for your orientation.  We are recommending your orientation be done as a ‘lab group’ as much as possible.  Orientations are slated to begin around the end of April.  Orientations will be taught by one of our Trainers with the Facility Supervisor being available on site for questions.Once training is completed, your building card, will then be given access to the animal facillity by the facility supervisor.
What is the required PPE in this SPF facility?
This is a Specific Pathogen Free rodent facility and the required PPE is to include dedicated scrubs and shoes; no showering will be required.
Is there a quarantine room available?
Yes, there will be a quarantine room in this facility, room E070.
What are the costs for per diems at this facility?
Per diem rates will be the same as in all of our facilities. 
Please refer to our website for the current biennium
How will my animals be housed?
Your animals will be housed on Allentown mouse rat individually ventilated caging racks with automatic watering provide by a dedicated reverse osmosis system.
What will the light cycle be for housing rodents?
The rodent housing room lights will come on daily at 6 am and turn off daily at 8 pm.   This is considered a 14/10 light cycle.
How can I get help?
The facility supervisor and the animal care staff will be on hand for the move-in.
Veterinary Services will have Vet Techs and Veterinarians available as well for animal health questions or concerns.

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